Sotelco provides start ups, new starting investors,  consultants, lawyers  and chartered accountants:

  • Dedicated desk or website and  high-Tech infrastructure

  • Networking and recreation facilities

  • Administrative services

Accounting & financial services 

Accounting data entry: invoice capture, order entry, banking statement  collection, accounting review  preparation of financial statement & accounting audit and financial consulting services, and banking services

Fiscal services 

Assistance in tax matters: Tax advice, preparation of VAT returns and other tax returns

Legal services 

Issuing of commercial and labour contracts, Registration of company documents and deeds, company creation procedure and performing of legal formalities and legal advice   

Human Resources Services 

Entering payroll operations and social charges, Management of labour contracts, social security declaration, bonus management, health insurance management, Head Hunting, Training in Talent Management. 

Secretarial services 

Welcoming clients on-site or through call centre, Monitoring of your Agenda Printing, making photocopying and binding 

Company creation services  

Municipal construction permit,  Subscription and connection to electricity, gas, water and other utilities, company creation LLP to other forms