Your partner in Business Intelligence, Digital Marketing and Finance

SOTELCO is a platform for innovative digitalization services for Finance, e-commerce, e-learning, e-health and Industry 4.0.


Software Development

In partnership with international platforms, Sotelco,  will support your outsourcing :

  •        Digitizing of your  Data Mining and Business Intelligence

  •        Digital Marketing and Finance 

  •  Industry 4.0: Billing and invoicing, production management, CAO/DAO, Engineering &Methods, Quality Control, Logistics, delivery and shipping 

Odoo • Texte et Image
Odoo • Image et Texte

Coworking Space

Sotelco provides startups and foreign investors who are starting their business and Consultants:


    Dedicated desk in a shared office,  or a standard or a full floor office with needed flexibility to help your business adapt with uncertainty,  reduce your starting cost and achieve a quick and risk-free immersion

    Administrative and professional services:  Accounting, tax payment and bank relation  services and coaching, Omni channels communication facilities and secretarial and company creation  services

  High-speed internet connexion, meeting rooms, networking platform, relaxations areas through our community development platform, cyber café and catering, events’ organization, sports activities and robotics

Immersion in the Tunisian and Global business environment and building networking opportunities in Tunisia, EU and the Middle East and North African countries without any commitments except the payment of your subscriptions for the time you need. 

Start-ups’ Accelerator

Sotelco, will support your start-ups throughout the life cycle of your development process:

      Early stage from idea conceptualization till the adoption of the technology for creating your project  

      Incubation stage till the complete development of your product and testing and getting orders from  your first clients

      Scalability stage since the adoption of your detailed Business Model and till the scaling up of  your production and widespread commercial implementation  

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Odoo • Image and Text

Training and E-Learning Centre

Sotelco, provides for developing your talents   on-site and remotely training,  e-learning and blended education on :

  • Robotic Process Automation “RPA” programming, IA,  Deep Machine Learning, Big Data, Cloud computing, Market Analytics, Data mining, Web programming, Business Intelligence and Digital finance and Marketing

  • Soft skills training to cover: Leadership, team building, communication techniques, IT  office  tools, multi-culture development within target markets environment

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